Photographer? - The truth about the craziest job in the world

How great it would be if life would be predictable and its moments would be clear and precise. Catching the moment and a unique atmosphere as an artistic process might be possible in a picture, but is a steady process and not always evident in life.

In life, you have to make critical decisions every day and revise them, especially when it is about realizing dreams, hopes and promoting your talents. You have to make those decisions about material things, like a company foundation, but also a change of interests or going turn points.

For those who choose an artistic career and life, those who want to make their dreams come true, they do need faith, courage and have to be self-confident, because there will be ups and downs, that are not easy to take, neither external circumstances nor the inner daemons.

New ideas and realizing your projects consequently, but creative in a touching way, is a major part within. Thatfore you have to be wide open and cannot stick to familiar things or what is already present. Nowadays, when time, progress and processes are changing fast, you need a keen perception, to slow-down in time, to catch the moment and freeze it in a picture.

But sometimes there are important decisions to make that are not in tune with your profession.

Art is likely to be seen and to be shown. As a  photographer, you need to bring way more than just talent. You need to be professional in realizing your projects, but also need to be able to let it go when profits are fading, or trends change. Within the branch, there are plenty of talented, but unfortunately also very untalented people, professionals and amateurs, who are likely to jump on the train, to be part of the success, that a few own, because they are talented and lucky.

Those are the ones who can spot the moment, recognizing the spirit of times and embedding art in a profession. The final good, the final picture, that can be observed does not show the loving, breathing and artistic process anymore!

It is not enough to just point the camera at a situation or person and shoot.

Photography, practiced professionally, is pure art, that is swayed by a few. The photographer needs to know how to act in front of the camera, as well as behind the scenes. He needs to envision the moment, in front and behind the lens, to capture the moment, the atmosphere, the feeling, but also comfort and support the model, so she or he can relax, unfold and overcome her or his inhibitions to feel comfortable.

George Anakin, as a former photographer, knows this subject by hard and has lived through all ups and downs that are stuck to the job. He was born on March 16th 1970 and lived in Berg at Starnberger See for 20 years. After many years of hard work, many small steps that were taken to become more and more successful and established, he succeeded by founding his own company "intelligent piXel GmbH" and reopening a new PhotoStudio.

His work was honored by winning lots of prizes.

In 2016 George did not only receive one of the most famous "Muse Creative Awards," but was honored several times for his creative and artistic photographies. 

The competition was held between more than 1200 pieces of art, made by all different kinds of people and 33 countries, worldwide. There were categories like photography, art, animation, and documentaries.

It was a great challenge and anything but easy to take!

The jury honored George by two platins, one golden and several honorable Muse Creative Awards in a category "portrait/people" and different advertising photographs that were made for intelligent piXel. 

Much more followed, like PX3 Awards, the Vega Award 2016 - ,Centauri Winner' and in 2017, again, golden and roségolden Muse Creative Awards. In March 2017 he was one of the most famous photographers on the internet, the TOP100, number 13 in Germany and the "Climber of The Year 2017".

That was when hard work paid off! - Creating and shooting covers for magazines, that are sold worldwide and co-working with famous models and VIPs lead to creativity and self-involvement, that was respected and honored. George first fell in love with his later profession at the age of five, when he first held a camera in his hands.

Childish games soon got serious interest in getting to know and learning everything about photography. He realized immediately that his former hobby was to become his profession and felt a vocation for it.

Earning money by modeling himself, starting in Milano, George managed to finance his studies and formation all by himself. He was modeling inside and outside, widened his set card and had a reasonable list of well-known agencies he had worked with.

But he never lost sight of his former dream, acting behind the scene, realizing his ideas of pictures, situations in a creative way. Knowing both sides, he was able to comfort the model, but also working with effects of light and shadows, capturing not only people and scenes but a moment and atmosphere.

Photos became drawings, people its emotions. Angels embodied a creature of beauty and erotic of the soul, an impressive smile, the interesting effects of black-and-whites. Passionately and talented, George focused on photography and possibilities that were given by different objectives.

Themes seem to be endless and artistic: playful and severe, critical and aesthetic, to point out a few. By focusing on the spot, you can take masterpieces of art, making a statement and picturing the best side of the model.

Over an extended period, George learned a lot about digital image editing and photo-anthropology. His passion for anthropology started right off with his passion for photography. Humans are different, in so many ways. Some differences cannot be seen by amateurs.

A human face is like a dictionary of origins and its shape shows various versions. Within about 7.47 billions of living people, faces differ almost as much as their fingerprints. That's why George wanted to explore more specializations.

Photo-forensic was about to become another special interest, George wanted to focus on in the future. Taking a glance at the scene was a new challenge and overweighed his desire of artistic fashion and beauty shootings. 

Working at a foto-forensic-institute made it possible to learn a lot about this topic, so George was able to offer workshops about 

- photo anthropology for police officers

- photo forensic 

- Photography for experts

- Scene of crime photography (evidence-photography)

Technique and software made it possible to explore human bodies so much better and to support police investigations and solve crime scenes. Workshops are given for everyone who is interested in exploring photo-forensic and photo-anthropology at his photo studio.

As an expert, George can teach vividly, which can be seen in his popular workshops. His photographs have always been so much more than a copy of a scene but showed so much more.

He consequently developed and formed his skills in photography philosophy, like Buddhism philosophies, where a series arose about the fighting spirit, which was very well received. Still, he never lost sight of his pure and beloved art.

His pieces were various and individual, sometimes aesthetic, but were also taken in crisis areas. Mainly he had made fashion shootings, but also fit and grew within other projects. But above all, his passion was child-photography. It is challenging but beautiful! Something you need to be patient about, but it brings true happiness as a result.

George was able to fit perfectly in a great world of joy, because of these small persons and became one of them himself. He wanted to show their pure heart and souls, an idyllic world, where first gestures and acting were about to grow and turn into small individuals, where these moments were about to be saved, as special as they were.

Their smiles, their seriousness, their childish and loving own phantasies, were caught at the moment and kept ever after by George. That's had only been one of a few projects.

Freelancing for worldwide acting photo agencies was just as important as digital photo editing, retouch, fitting, script preparation with a fully equipped color management, that all happened after the shooting. 

There was no art, without creativity.

George founded his first business in 1997, making it grow really fast, founding another in 2013, named "intelligent piXel GmbH". Because of its awards, it established worldwide. Its primary business is not based on photography anymore, but doing advisory opinion in photographs, photo-anthropology, and digital photo-forensic.

After bringing photography into science, George can put theory into life even more than before. He is multifarious.

Being overambitious and passionate, George loves artistic work as much as he loves science. He enjoys teaching as much as to improve his knowledge and skills. He is capable of teaching interestingly and movingly.

Working as an experienced photographer made it possible and visible to create a new branch which was not easy, but necessary in a vivid digital world. Letting go, his beloved photography was one of the hardest things to do and needed strength. When the digital world took over photography, it lost its artistic worth. Professionals hard work did not pay off and was not cherished anymore.

There are only a few left who chose to be photographed by professionals in a studio. Amateurs and selfies have taken over the scene. That is how Georges interests changed. He moved on. The curtain of the studio fell, but can still be used by others.

After being honored for so many times, so many different pieces of art, it was time to leave artistic photos behind and make a change. A change towards scientific photographs and doing advisory opinion. On the one hand and thanks to his experience and qualification, George offers workshops in his former studio to widen expertise and teach professionally.

George is FEP qualified as a photographer and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 as an expert for photographs, photo-anthropology, and digital photo-forensic.

That proves him being trained in knowledge and proficiency.

FEP qualification honors those who are a member of a nationwide association of acknowledged european photographers. That means they are professionals and photography being the major income and profession. Which was the reason and chance to leave behind the narrowing possibilities of pure photography?

Non-commercial engagements will not be accepted anymore. Nevertheless, exceptions prove the rules. So there might be exceptions for charity reasons or VIPs. Furthermore, there might be exceptions from time to time for very handsome or pretty models, but only on TFP-basis (time for pictures). Since September 2017 he started working for prestigious agencies on a professional, commercial basis, exclusively.

He is about to write books about photography and overwork "Fotografische Anthropologie" to receive the European qualification QEP and MQEP. That includes creating his software about the science of pictures and photographs.

He also is about to write his biography, including his career, a photographers life, and success, rises and falls, difficulties and scandals.

To sum up: it will unveil the whole truth about the craziest job in the world!


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FEP Certified

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2x Platin
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Muse Creative Award 2016

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PX3 Award

Honorable Mention 2016

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Centauri Winner

Vega Digital Award 2016

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Top 100 Photographer 2017

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Muse Creative Award 2017

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