Stats Plugin Widget / Statsplugin_stat_Print function

The widget is customizable. These are the available variables:

%today% – date of today
%visitorsyesterday% – Visitors yesterday
%visitorstoday% – Visitors today
%pageviewstoday% – Pageviews today
%pageviewsyesterday% – Pageviews yesterday
%thistodaypageview% – this page, today total pageview
%thisyesterdaypageviews% – this page, yesterday total pageview
%thistodayvisitors% – this page, today total visitors
%thisyesterdayvisitors% – this page, yesterday total visitors
%os% – Operative system
%browser% – Browser
%ip% – IP address
%visitorsonline% – Counts all online visitors
%usersonline% – Counts logged online visitors
%toppost% – The most viewed Post
%topbrowser% – The most used Browser
%topos% – The most used O.S.
%latesthits% – last 10 search term

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